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October 26, 2016






Yep, it’s officially Fall in New England this week – so long 80 degree October days! Personally, I’m totally fine with that because now I get to wear my huge heavy sweaters. I love a big turtleneck on a chilly day – this is an old one from Banana Republic but they’re everywhere now! I was at H&M this weekend and tempted to buy all of their knits.

I can’t post these outfit details because these jeans are literally so old I don’t even know if they’re available (they look their age, right?). But ripped jeans are always in, no matter what my dad says (which is something along the lines of “Did you seriously pay money for pants with holes?!”)

Check out some of my favorite turtlenecks below:


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    Uncle G’s comment made me lol. Typical Dad comment – sounds familiar! This is adorable… love the sneaks with the ripped boyfriend jeans look!

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      Converse & Cocktails

      Thanks Weesh! So true, right? Remember when Terry was sooo confused as to why you ordered just a bikini top in the mail but we all knew it was so oyu could mix and match — TYPICAL DADDDDDD

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