Suede Jacket

November 7, 2016

I found this Imitation Suede Jacket a few weeks back visiting a close friend in New York City and I have to say, I’m obsessed. I got it at H&M, a store I normally don’t wander into, but the NYC location we hit up was unREAL…sometimes I think everything is better in New York. It’s not real suede but it certainly does the trick! I’ve worn this out a few times and it’s the perfect jacket for a night out in the fall. Paired with all black, it was a the great for a girls night. The off the shoulder top (I know, I never wear those, weird) is from a local boutique in Southie. With the colder winter coming I always struggle because I’m cold when I’m walking over, but as soon as I walk in the restaurant I’m hot… so this breathable top is a great fix.

The next few weeks are really ramping up to be busy but I’m so excited to see tons of friends and gear up for the holidays! I will definitely be using this jacket over a little black dress or sweater for a nice occasion :).


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    So cute! I love the look. Mrs. P is in H&M all the time in Cambridgeside Galleria and has found the cutest things, but I never go in there either! Has to be convenient for me, but I definitely should pop in more when I’m on Newbury. Also obsessed with that top underneath with the ties on the sleeve! You look like a cute little college gal on campus!

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      Converse & Cocktails

      H&M is hit or miss! The NYC store was a dream but I always get overwhelmed at the one on Newbury – I’ll have to check out the one Auntie goes to!!

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