Athleisure: Fabletics Review

November 15, 2016





For those of you that know me personally, you know that fitness is a pretty big part of my life. I never really got into it until after college (lets just say I had some freshman 15 as my motivation). I started exercising on my own, going for runs and hitting the gym, but it wasn’t until I moved to Boston that I became really passionate about it. A friend brought me to a class at a gym, and I was hooked. I loved how much harder a trainer pushed me than when I worked out on my own. I was toning up, sweating way more, and feeling awesome.

I’ve tried every fitness studio under the sun in Boston. Once a ClassPass member (a special club that lets you go to all different studios in the city with limited access but at a flat, affordable rate), I’d hit all different studios and classes every week. My personal favorites are boxing, spin, and some barre classes. Eventually, ClassPass increased their membership price so I made the switch to Everybody Fights, a boxing gym in South Boston. I picked this because it gives me variety, which is what I need: circuit training, cardio and strengthening, and classic boxing classes. I still spin when I can (I love the blaring music and darkness of the rooms).  For me, exercise is the one hour of a day I can dedicate selfishly to myself. We all run around with our jobs, friends, families, other obligations – and I find that hour is really a good time to disconnect from the chaos and feel good about myself!

All that being said, I find that when I have good athliesure wear on, I feel much better about my workout. Truth be told; a new workout outfit gets me excited to go to the gym. “Look good, Feel good” rings very true here. I signed up for Fabletics last month and got this for my first outfit. What stood out to me most was the back – or lack thereof. It stood up well against the test, too. I sported this during a circuit training class where I was jumping around, moving from standing to squatting to planking (ugh), and it was a really moveable, breathable top. It’s nice to have that when you’re workin’ up a sweat!


{ Bra, Top and Pants: Fabletics // Jacket: Lululemon // Sneakers: Nike }


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    Totally the same – I love having good workout clothes. Time to retire the Soffee’s and butch headbands I suppose! This is an adorable look and I love the back. Need to check out Fabletics!

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      Converse & Cocktails

      Do it! Ton’s of options and the first outfit is really discounted 😉

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    That top looks adorable on you!

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      Converse & Cocktails

      Thanks girl!

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    Oh girl you lookin like Kate Hudson!

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