Cape Look, Plus my trip to NYC!

December 8, 2016






Does anyone else buy themselves gifts while they’re Christmas shopping, or is that just me? … When I saw this cape on display at Madewell, I had to try it on. Even though I shouldn’t be spending money on myself this time of year, I couldn’t help it. I love how this cape is a neutral gray and matches everything (and it’s super cozy!). It’s perfect for a chilly day over a sweater, or even over a dress with boots. I didn’t feel as much buyer’s remorse because it’s multi-functional. Madewell has tons of other cape scarves here!

In the last post I alluded to the fact that I’ve been busy traveling this month. Last weekend, I visited New York City. One of my best friends from high school lives in there and every once in a while, my girlfriends and I will drive down to play tourist’s for the weekend. Last weekend we went to see The Nutcracker at Lincoln Center – and it was beautiful. I find a lot of inspiration in New York and always leave feeling rejuvenated. The fashion is outstanding; the people that live in NYC are so dressed up and it gives me great ideas for outfits. Of course the ballet and Christmas decorations got us all in the holiday spirit, but we also hit some historical hotel bars that had gorgeous interior design. I love exploring that city – especially with my close friends! My advice for dressing in New York: you can’t go wrong with a little black dress 😉


(I’ve known these girls for 15 years, how gorgeous are they?!)



(Lincoln Center)


(Fowler & Wells)


(Madison Avenue)

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