Black & Gold + Goals Check-In

January 29, 2017

For some reason, I always think after the holidays I’ll have no use for my dressier clothing. Yet January has flown by and I’ve been surprisingly busy with plans – and you know I love a good excuse to dress up! I particularly love this skirt because it’s versatile – perfect for work, or a party. This gold, shimmery top is a great match for the skirt. I’ve worn this shirt under blazers to work, or with black jeans to dinner. My friend Kim and I took these pictures at dusk in the Boston Common and it was so gorgeous out (but cold, can you see how my hands are red?!).

With January coming to an end, I like to do a pulse check on my new years resolutions – how much progress have I actually made, and what do I need to adjust? I will say my fitness/eating regime has been pretty good (with a few exceptions of course). What’s probably been the biggest change for me is my budget. I haven’t spent any money on clothes since Christmas. That may not sound like long time to some, I know. But now that I’m cognitive of my spending habits, I realized I was shopping WAY too often. Sometimes, if I had a busy week at work, I’d go shopping on Saturday and tell myself “You worked hard all week, you deserve a treat!” Holding back that urge to do retail therapy is tough – especially when I scroll through Instagram and see other bloggers with new outfits every day. And I’m not saying I’ll never shop again (I’m blogging about clothes, for goodness sake), but I want that experience to be special and rewarding, vs blindly spending money that could be saved! I’m also not letting that make me antisocial – I will always say yes to seeing a friend for dinner! But I might suggest a different activity – a fitness class, or coffee date, or even sharing a bottle of wine at their house instead of racking up the bill at the bar. Luckily the cold weather makes everyone want to save and stay in so I know I’m not alone!

How are you all doing with your goals for 2017?!


{Coat: J.Crew // Skirt: Madewell // Top: Primark // Booties: Old but Similar Here }

PHOTOGRAPHY: Kimberly Dallas


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    So pretty! Love your gold top!

    Rachel /

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      Converse & Cocktails

      Thanks Rachel!

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