Favorite Winter Products

February 21, 2017

Hi all, hope you’re enjoying this gorgeous spring-like weekend in New England! I hope this weather lasts! For this weeks post, I’m going to talk about some skincare and makeup products that I’m currently loving…

Comfort Zone Cream: The freezing air in the winter has taken a serious toll on my skin.  This season my skin is SO dry. I actually have some bad acne problems that I take prescriptions for, so my while my breakouts have stopped (thank god) I’m still paranoid about skincare. I’ve been using Comfort Zone’s products lately and they’re really hydrating for my dry skin!  At night, after I remove my makeup and user toner on my face, I’ve been dabbing the “Sublime Skin Eye Cream” in my under-eye area – this cream reduces puffiness and prevents wrinkles (bye-bye crows feet). I also use a dime-sized amount of the “Renight Recover Cream” all over my face and neck.  It feels amazing and I love waking up and with hydrated skin! (I also chug water at night, which any esthetician will tell you is the best skin remedy)

Modern Renaissance Eye PaletteObsessed. There is no other word for how I feel about this eye shadow palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills (available at Sephora). The colors are so pretty and I love how there’s so many options. I’ve been combining “Vermeer” and “Buon Fresco” for a neutral day look. “Golden Ochre” and “Warm Taupe” are also so pretty together. For a bolder nighttime look, I’ve used “Venetian Red” in the corner of a smokey eye and it really popped! I love following Anastasia’s Instagram, because they also feature looks from the palette that give me great ideas.

NARS Contour Kit: Contouring is always something I love to watch makeup artists do in tutorials, but I feel like I can never nail it myself. This kit in “Paloma” has made it a little bit easier, though. I use the dark powder on the hollows of my cheeks, and the lighter pale shade under my eyes or other places I want to highlight. Lots of artists use a dark liquid concealer to contour (and power to them!) but for beginners, I think a powder is the way to go. It’s just easier to move and light on the skin. One trick I learned is to angle your brush from the top of your ear to the corner of your mouth, and thats the line the dark shade should fall in (or make a duck face in the mirror!). And be sure to have a good angled face brush!


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    Christina Orso

    That primavera color in the palette is SO pretty. I love neutrals and bronzes for eyeshadows. And yes, winter really does a number on us! But looks like we have some warmer temps coming, yay!

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    Love all the tips here – I’m a makeup newb and hardly wear any so this was super helpful. I love all the colors on this palette and sometimes I just need to bite the bullet and be willing to spend a little more for quality! I’ve been using an eye cream too and love the feeling – prevention is key! That is until we bake in the Cape Cod sun and ruin the progress.

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