Pink Leather Jacket & Where I’ve Been…

May 2, 2017

I’m back, and I’m even wearing Converse 🙂

So, I have a confession to make: I actually haven’t really been anywhere. I wish I could say I was traveling the world and going to swanky events and that’s why I had no time to publish, but the truth is that I took a break from posting consciously… and I’m so glad I did.

Sure, there’s the logistics… Who wants to stand outside in Boston and pose in clothes in the freezing temperatures? Not me, nor do I want to make some one else stand out there with me to take my pictures! Between weekend snow storms, availability, and just a lack of inspiration this winter was not ideal for shooting, period. Like lots of other New Englanders, I get the winter blues. Sure, I love snuggling up on a snowy night with a good book and wine (mostly the wine part), but the novelty wears off when the city is grey and cold and you can’t move your car. For me, it’s hard to find inspiration there.

And there’s work… I’m not a big fan on the phrase “work has been crazy lately”  – (it sounds like a self-entitled excuse) – but it’s been coming out of my mouth more frequently than ever. I started a new job as a project manager back in September, and during the first 6 months really hit the ground running. I love what I’m doing – engaged in the work, mentally stimulated, supported by a great team – but by the time the weekends would roll around, my brain would be fried and the thought of planning a shoot/writing/publishing/promoting was just too exhausting. Being new to the team and position made me work even harder – sort of a “proving myself” phase. It paid off, because I’m still happy with the role and challenged every day. Long winded way of saying: my focus had to be on work for a while. And, this blog is meant to be a fun escape project: if I am not super excited to write something, I’m simply not going to do it.

Sometimes, you need to step away… and have a break to understand what it is you want and need out of something. I feel this way in all areas of my life. With dieting and working out, as well as relationships: if I’m not really enjoying something, I tend to step away and take a breather, digest my feelings and figure out why I’m not into it.

But now, I’m full steam ahead. The break was a good chance for me to re-evaluate what I want out of this. I love doing research – reading other blogs, attending speaking panels, listening to endless hours of podcasts with successful bloggers. Hearing what other women are doing in this space is so motivating and inspirational for me, and gives me a little spark of hope that some day I could go that far. Maybe it’s the warmer weather and I’m coming out of my rut, but the thought of what I can do with the blog this summer is really exciting. So, thanks for coming back to read, and I hope you continue doing so!

Outfit Details: We all know blush is my favorite trend these days. I got this blush colored leather coat for my birthday (Yep, I’m 29, barreling towards 30, send help) and it’s been the perfect spring coat. The Converse are adorable – sporty but still girly!

{Coat: Nordstrom | Shoes: Converse | Dress, bag & earrings are old!



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    Love this! I love the Boston sky line behind you! I work a full time job too and sometimes it’s just so hard to fit in good content.

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      Converse & Cocktails

      Thank you so much, Maura! It really is tough to squeeze it all in but it’s worth it 🙂

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