Welcome to Converse & Cocktails! I’m Colleen, a Boston based girl who loves clothing, writing, and enjoying this great city. This is my personal space to share some outfits, fashionable tips, and other areas of my life.

Converse & Cocktails is all about enjoying fashion; because it should be fun! It should also make you feel comfortable – the right outfit will totally boost your confidence. I constantly struggle with picking outfits for an event; am I underdressed or overdressed? Gauging the scene has become an obstacle, especially in a typically casual setting (like most of Boston!). We all want to look cute, and feel good at the same time! As I get older, I find my taste is becoming more linear and I truly believe you can find the right outfit for any occasion, regardless of budget or geography.

In this blog, I hope to merge opposite sides of the fashion spectrum together: casual & formal. Ease, and elegance. Comfort and class. Because really, you should be able to enjoy your fancy cocktails in your Converse kicks.